Blogging Is Key To Your Digital Strategy

Blogging Is Key To Your Digital Strategy

Its already the end of 2019 and we can’t believe 2020 is right around the corner. These days, it seems like nearly every website has a blog. If you thought that blogs would become outdated with time, you were sorely mistaken. While most advertisements in this day and age are made to be short and sweet, blogs are the exact opposite and we don’t hate it. It’s more important than ever to build relevant content on your website, especially if you want to keep things interesting, which who wouldn’t? In fact, blogging is becoming more competitive than ever. Almost as if businesses race to build relevant and engaging content to keep bringing visitors back to their website.

So, What Should You Even Write About?

It’s not all about just blogging. It’s about COMMUNICATION. Blogging is a unique form of communication in the sense that it’s long form writing about a specific topic. It can be done on nearly any topic, and there are a variety of ways that each business can take advantage of this form of communication. What do you want people to know? Write about that!

With putting yourself out there there’s always an area of uncertainty you’ll run into. We’re nervous just thinking about it. There are many misconceptions about blogging that lead businesses to overlook the importance of having one. A big misconception is that people don’t actually read blogs, so it is pointless to post anything. We’d like to challenge this. Blogs tend to rank very high in search results. Also, similar to other areas of your life (food, dating, friends, cats 😸) quality is so much better than quantity, so don’t fall into the false belief that you have to post something every single day in order for it to make a difference. Try once a month and see how that goes.

Blogging Is More Relevant Than Ever

Another misconception is that blogging is outdated. Pshhh, some of the most successful companies have seamlessly integrated blogs into their social media outlets which is all the rage. It’s all about how you approach your own digital marketing strategy! Do you, do what’s right for your business, but don’t forget about these great opportunities available to you. We know the future you and they’re telling you to start your blog now because you’re going to wish you did!

Benefits Of Blogging

There are numerous benefits to having a blog for your business. One of the biggest advantages of blogging for a business is expanding their reach. This is what every business wants to do with digital marketing, right? Once you understand your targeted audiences, you can craft blog topics that will be informative and engaging to them. This is how you reach the ultimate goal of producing shareable content on your businesses blog. Once your blogs start gaining traction and shares, you’ll get to take advantage of all of the wonderful SEO benefits that blogging provides. Your hard work will definitely pay off!

Find Your Voice And Start Your Blog!

When your business creates blogs that speak from an authentic 💁‍♀️ place of knowledge within your specific industry, it shows your audience you have expertise in your field which allows potential customers to trust you before even speaking with you.

Creating a blog strategy for your business is the perfect way to introduce a voice to your brand. When this voice speaks loud and clear to potential and returning customers, you’ll see why having a blog was so beneficial.

Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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