Crash Course: Why Are Google Ads So Important?

Crash Course: Why Are Google Ads So Important?

Today’s world is all about opportunity. That includes our wonderful digital world. Taking advantage of the free and paid opportunities available to you whether you’re in the marketing industry or working towards the growth of a company.

One of the most popular paid venues for digital marketing is Google Ads. If you’re not familiar with Google Ads, it may be intimidating if you’re in beginning of your online advertising journey. Don’t fret though! Google Ads is easier to understand than you might imagine!

What Are Google Ads?

Just starting out? Let us give you a solid and easy explanation of Google Ads. Simply put, Google Ads is a pay per click advertising platform (PPC) where the goal is to reach relevant audiences through the Google Search Engine and the Google Display Network. That wasn’t so bad was it? After all, it’s no secret that Google is the most widely used search engine in the world (we call it our King), so it only makes sense to use this platform to reach potential customers. The best thing about using Google Ads is that you can get extremely specific in targeting your audience in order to get the leads you want. It’s no secret that Google network is huge 🤴, and this is a major advantage when it comes to using the Google Ads platform.

Everyone Can Benefit!

There are a variety of reasons why most businesses can benefit from using Google Ads in their digital marketing strategy. One of the BEST things about the Google Ads platform is that it’s similar to SEO, or search engine optimization. We all know what SEO is by now, but to reiterate if your new, Search Engine Optimization is a complex strategy of using different methods to help boost a websites visibility in search engine result pages, or SERPs. We like to compare Search Engine Optimization to running a marathon 🏃‍♀️. It isn’t instantaneous but it develops results over time and is REALLY beneficial when considering the future of your online presence. Google Ads is similar to running a marathon in this regard, but it produces quicker results.

So, How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads generates leads for businesses by displaying advertisements through their network. Go to Google, search something you’re looking for ex: construction company near me, and where you see a green square with the letters ‘AD’, those are your Google ads. Make note, you can see the ads other places, but we won’t bore you with that right now (later tho!).

In Google Ads, businesses essentially bid to have their specific ad shown to the relevant audiences that they’re looking to advertise to. You can see why this type of advertisement is so much more successful than a one size fits all approach. When you use Google Ads, you can think about your ideal client and market toward that individual or group.

Get The Most Out Of Your Campaign!

If you’re going to use Google Ads successfully and strategically, paying attention to the analytics of your website is important. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or another type of tool to measure your online presence, using these types of tools together is a sure recipe for success. When you truly understand the analytics of your website, you know who your preferred audience is, score! This can be used to create your advertising preferences and even to influence any digital marketing content or branding initiatives. Make sure to use your analytics and create different campaign strategies based on the most popular demographics that you see.

Some of the biggest benefits of using Google Ads is the fact that it will reach the highest quality customers and increase brand awareness, two things that are extremely invaluable in the digital marketing world. We could really go on for days about Google Ads, but we want to leave you with one last question…..Your competitor is definitely working on their Google Ads advertising strategy…so what exactly are you waiting for?

Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

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