Marketing Your Service Business on Instagram

Marketing Your Service Business On Instagram

Service-based businesses often struggle with what to post on Instagram, a photo-centric site that seems better suited for e-commerce. However, if you just use your imagination, you will find that Instagram can be a viable channel for your service business. Here are some ideas you can use for marketing your services there.


1. Build credibility

Instagram is the perfect place for you to showcase your expertise. You can post hacks, tips, or even small bits of funny “wisdom.” For example, just think of the images a septic company could share as part of a humorous “do not flush” campaign. Just keep in mind that Instagram is all about visual appeal. Share your tips as image overlays or infographics. You can also upload short videos.

2. Share your success stories

Because of its visual nature, Instagram works great as a second “portfolio.” Showcase your best work in images and include testimonials. If you run a design firm, consider shooting a short video montage of your design work. Let the images speak to your abilities.

3. Inspire people

Does your company participate in community outreach? Do you invest in your employees? Share pics of your employees outside of the normal workday. Show them having fun or working as a team. Your customers start to feel that they know you and you are “part of the family.” This engagement can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong customer.

4. Make them smile

You can always brighten someone’s day with a funny image or a joke. Make sure it’s clean and tasteful and try to appeal to a broad group, not just those in your industry. Think about things people relate to, like Monday morning blues or rush hour traffic struggles.

5. Let them see inside your business

Instagram is the perfect place for before and after photos. You can use them to show your process and what they can expect from your company. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. A service business can detail the onboarding process or the discovery period for a new client. Don’t be afraid to highlight how your processes are better than industry standards.

6. Fix their problems

Instead of telling people WHAT you do, show them how you can HELP fix their problems. Give them a glimpse into a lifestyle that they want to have. Will your service improve their finances? Free up time? Enrich their lives? If so, show them images of other already enjoying the things they want – because of you!

Don’t discount the impact of marketing on Instagram just because you don’t have a “product.” Service businesses essentially sell their expertise and with some imagination, there are a million ways you can help others visualize what you do.

If you need help with social media marketing, don’t hesitate to call us. Inque Media helps local businesses increase their digital footprint through content and advertising.

Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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