The Importance Of Brand Identity

Branding is so freaking fun. It’s a time for creativity, colors, styling, and using your mind. Why would a digital marketing company care about branding though? Because a strong brand identity is necessary for your company to be successful especially online. 

Brand identity has many many benefits, but essentially makes you and your company stand out from your competitors. Would you want a logo that looks the same as Joe Shmo down the road? 🤦🏼‍♀️  I think not. Your brand identity gives you several advantages in business and we’ll go through a few with you in this blog!

Gives Your Company A Persona

Brand identity is one of the first things people notice about your business. It carries with it the persona of your company. Your values, priorities, services, and entire company identity are wrapped up in your brand.

Your brand identity should communicate your company’s goals and message through its design and presentation. As an example, a Fortune 500 company brand would look vastly different than a preschool daycare. Think Nike vs KinderCare. This is because they prioritize and communicate different things. They have different target audiences, and they both are reflecting who they are as a company.

Breeds Consistency

When you give due attention to your brand identity, it helps breed consistency. No matter which platform you’re communicating on, your brand is a recognizable constant.

Give special attention to the use of your logo, company colors, and fonts, and stay consistent regardless of whom you are communicating with.

Sets You Apart

Probably the most important aspect of a strong brand identity is its ability to set you apart. Most companies are recognized by their logos before anything else. Think of companies like Apple and McDonalds. Their logos are wildly famous, and this helps increase their distinction from competitors.

Your brand identity and logo are equally important. Even if your company isn’t as big as Apple, it should still look sharp and be memorable. Studies show that it only takes .05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about your website. The way you look is important and your company should be represented properly!

Your image helps customers decide your quality. Think about why some companies make so much more money than a competitor with an extremely similar product. It’s because their brand is associated with quality. A sharp image and good reputation will help your company generate more business.

In short, the better you look, the more money you’ll make.

Raises Awareness

Another benefit of a strong brand identity is raised awareness. With a strong brand, you can raise awareness through ads, merchandise, media, and other platforms. The more your brand is before the eyes of consumers, the more likely those consumers become leads who convert to clients.

Generates Loyalty

Finally, a brand helps generate loyalty. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that they’ve been buying from, or that a close friend recommends. Even when better offers or options are available.

For this reason, there will be people who only drive Ford. Others will only use Apple. More still will only drink Starbucks. ☕️

Loyalty leads to recommendations. Those recommendations turn into more loyal customers. As your brand identity becomes more recognizable, your company will grow.

Let Us Help!

We provide branding services for companies of all sizes, small or big. Our process starts with an intake meeting, then a brainstorming session, then presentations, and finalizing. It’s really a fun process so let us know if we can help with your branding needs!

Picture of Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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Picture of Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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