Website Hosting
& Maintenance

Designed to keep your website not just operational but thriving. Let us handle the technicalities, so you can focus on what you do best!

The Essential Role of Hosting and Maintenance Packages


We specialize in proactive measures that ensure your website adapts to the ever-changing, dynamic online environment. We provide reliable support to optimize your website for success.


Your website’s safety and security doesn’t just happen. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our weekly updates and security checks ensure your website looks right, operates correctly, and is safe and secure. 


How can you grow when something in your business is broken? That would indeed be difficult. We are an extension of your business as your digital marketing team. As you grow, we ensure your website grows with you!


Need something troubleshooted? Do you need a form edited? Need something reworded? That’s where we gladly come in, and with our new packages, we can help you within 24 hours or less!


Regularly updating your website will ensue your visitors have the best experience (UX) possible and your website grows with your business over time. You’ll never need a new one again!


  • Hosting
  • Software updates Includes theme and plugins.
  • Security monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Software subscriptions We pay for software used to build your website. This allows you to utilize our subscriptions, licenses, and not have to pay for them on your own.
  • Email deliverability opotimization


  • Everything in Basic +
  • Domain management Ensure your domain is renewed every year and your payment method is up to date, purchase and set up new domains.
  • 1 Hour of hourly work


  • Everything in Standard+
  • Website analytics reporting
  • Website performance monitoring
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • 1.5 Hours of hourly work


  • Everything in Premium +
  • Website performance optimization Website speed.
  • Downtime fixes
  • Security fixes
  • 2 Hours of hourly work
  • 1 Hour of SEO optimization

Service specifications

Here, you’ll find details about each of the services included in the Hosting & Maintenance Packages at each level.

Website hosting is a service that allows individuals and businesses to make their websites accessible online. It’s like snagging the perfect parking spot for your website on the vast internet playground. Picture it as a secure space where we stash all your website files on our servers, making the whole process of launching, maintaining, and tweaking your site a breeze.

Monthly software updates ensure our clients’ systems and applications are always up-to-date with the latest security features. With weekly scheduled updates, we prioritize the smooth functioning of our client’s digital infrastructure, enhancing performance and safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities. This includes themes, plugins, and any additional software programs implements into the website’s infrastructure. 

Our hosting program not only houses your online assets but also plays a superhero with a robust website security monitoring service. We’ve got threat detection on autopilot, continuously checking for cyber sneakiness, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an ironclad digital presence. 🛡️🌐

This service allows us to swiftly address vulnerabilities and resolve any identified issues to strengthen our clients’ online platforms. Our team implements comprehensive security measures, ensuring a resilient defense against cyber threats and maintaining the trust of visitors and customers.

We take the hassle out of domain management, offering a personalized service that includes smooth registration, timely renewals, and customized configurations to match your brand’s unique identity. We’re happy to handle the nitty-gritty of domain administration so you can focus on what you do best. This includes updating payment methods, managing domain renewals purchasing new domains, and connecting them to your hosting plan. 

We’ve got your back with our website performance monitoring service. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend always checking in on the performance of your site. We keep things running smoothly and quickly and ensure your visitors enjoy a seamless online experience while you can focus on dazzling them with your fantastic content and services!

We specialize in supercharging websites with our Performance Optimization service. Let us sprinkle some tech magic to boost your site’s speed and responsiveness, making it as snappy as a Friday afternoon when you’re ready to kick back and relax!

Unlock the power of your online presence with our Google Analytics Reporting! We crunch the numbers, providing insightful data to navigate the digital landscape, understand your audience, and make strategic moves for a successful online journey. 📈🔍

Allow us to update your website each month with hourly work service! Whether we’re adding images or fine-tuning content, we’re here to ensure your online presence changes and grows with your business and always has up-to-date information one productive hour at a time. ⏰💻

We use multiple software programs to build websites for our clients, and we are happy to foot the cost of these subscriptions through our hosting plans. This is the most convenient way to ensure your website has all the most advanced and up-to-date tools needed to build it and keep it looking and functioning at its best!

We’ve got the daily website backup routine covered, ensuring your website has a copy made of it secured on our servers every single day. Any edits made from the previous day will be saved as a new version for access for up to 30 days.

This way, you can carry on with your business endeavors stress-free, knowing your website is being backed up no matter what. 🗃️

We keep a watchful eye 24/7, so you can relax knowing we’ll alert you the moment there are any downtime hiccups, ensuring your online space is always open for business. 🕵️‍♂️🌐

Our team is here for you to handle website hiccups stress-free with our downtime fixing service. We’ll troubleshoot and get things back on track so you can get back to business without the tech headaches. 🛠️🌐

Enhance your company’s website to inbox game with our Email Delivery Optimization service. We streamline the process, ensuring your messages reach the right inboxes hassle-free so you can concentrate on your message, not the delivery logistics. 📧 ✉️

We’re here to fine-tune your digital presence, from keywords to content, and ensure your brand stands out. Let’s make your website the talk of the town without the fluff. 🌐📈

This service only includes minor on-site optimizations. For more technical and growth-minded results, ask to see our full SEO packages.

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