Why You Should Host Your Website with Your Developer

Your website is SO much more than just a web page with words on it. From attracting potential customers to converting leads, your website is a critical part of your business, and its importance will only continue to rise. With that said, it is CRUCIAL that your website is maintained properly even after the initial development and launch phase

We are huge believers that your website should be hosted and maintained by the same team that built it. This solution offers numerous advantages to help you and your business grow. Let’s delve into why you want your website developer to also host and maintain your website, shall we?

Seamless Integration

When your website developer handles both hosting and maintenance, you ensure seamless integration between where your website is parked and how it’s maintained. Think of it like a car. You want to keep up with oil changes, washes, and tire rotations for it to perform its best, right? The same goes for your site! Would you want the pressure of doing this alone without an expert overseeing the process? Probably not, unless you have the experience, which if you do, kudos! Without allowing your web developers to fully manage the hosting, their hands may be tied when it comes to how it’s maintained. Allowing web developers to host your site gives them control over all necessary aspects of your website. 

Hosting with your developer also makes troubleshooting and updates more efficient. 

Faster Issue Resolution

Inevitably, technical issues will arise with your website. Whether it’s a server outage or a landing page layout that has gone awry after a plugin update, having your developer in charge of hosting and maintenance means faster issue resolution. As your website’s creator, they know it like the back of their hand. This gives them the ability to find the issue and implement a solution without the need for third-party coordination, minimizing downtime and preserving your online reputation. You want issues solved quickly? Host your website with your developer.

Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity threats are constantly lurking, waiting to strike 👀. By entrusting your website’s hosting and maintenance to your developer, you benefit from their proactive approach to keeping your site safe. This means implementing powerful security measures, such as regular software updates, malware scans, and firewalls, to safeguard your website against potential threats. Additionally, they can address security breaches fast, getting your website back to normal and minimizing the impact on your business.

Optimized Performance

Excellent website speed and performance ensure a positive customer experience and high ranking on search engines like Google. A developer who hosts and maintains your website can optimize its performance more effectively. They can fine-tune server configurations, implement caching mechanisms, and monitor resource usage to ensure optimal loading speeds and responsiveness. This attention to performance makes customers happy, which makes business owners happy!

Streamlined Communication

Dealing with multiple vendors for website development, hosting, and maintenance can lead to communication challenges and delays. When there is an issue, playing a game of telephone is the last thing you want to do. By consolidating these services under a single provider, you streamline communication channels and simplify project management. Your developer becomes your primary point of contact for all website-related matters, ensuring clear and efficient communication throughout the entire process. What are you going to do with all that extra time on your hands!?

Holistic Approach to Growth

Your website is not a static entity; like going to the gym to stay fit, it requires continuous improvement and optimization to stay relevant. A developer who understands your website’s design, functionality, and audience can offer valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of not just your website but also your business. They can recommend enhancements, updates, and new features based on their comprehensive understanding of your business objectives and target audience, driving continuous growth for your website and business.

The Bottom Line

Entrusting your website’s hosting and maintenance to the same team that developed it is like having your own squad of Avengers 🦸. It offers numerous benefits, including seamless integration, faster issue resolution, enhanced security, optimized performance, streamlined communication, and a holistic approach to growth. By choosing a digital marketing agency that provides end-to-end website solutions, you ensure that your online presence remains robust, secure, and responsive, empowering your business to make a mark online.

Let Us Help!

If you’re looking for a digital marketing expert to help steer the ship of your business’s online presence, consider Inque Media. We help local businesses increase their digital footprint through custom website creation and maintenance, SEO, social media, advertising, and more!

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