What Can You Expect with WordPress 5.3?

What Can You Expect with WP 5.3?

This one is for our developers and DIYers! We love working with WordPress. Just like our industry, it’s constantly changing and updating. We chose to keep up with the changes and this month, we’re putting what we’ve gathered into a neat little package. Read on to learn about the latest updates!

The newest update for WordPress, WP 5.3, is scheduled for later this month and contains several new features including some much needed enhancements to Gutenberg.

For those of you who are familiar with other page builders, the improvements to Gutenberg’s blocks may not seem overly impressive. However, with each enhancement, Gutenberg does become more competitive.

Changes to Gutenberg

​Gutenberg is quickly becoming more than just a blogging system which is what it was intended to be when it was first released. You are not only inputting content, but you’re able to easily build a page with sections with more of a design in mind. 

Many of the newest features in WP 5.3 have to do with blocks. For instance, you will now be able to create groups of blocks and interact with them as if they were a single item.

WP 5.3 is also going to allow you more styling options for columns and tables. You can adjust the layout and width of the columns and add color and striping to the tables. New styling options will also be available for buttons and the latest posts block. If you are a DIYer, this should be especially exciting to you!

BUT this makes us think….is WordPress trying to stop the use of third party page builders? Hmm.

New Features in WP 5.3

A new social friendly feature in WP 5.3 is the social links block. With it, you can easily add social media icons directly into your page or post.

We are OBSESSED with social media at Inque, so if you use Gutenberg, we highly suggest looking into using this feature.

For DIY or the Developer

If you update your own website, then you may be interested in how WordPress will change the way it uploads images. With the newest WordPress update, large uploads from mobile devices should load without “breaking”. WordPress will also fix the image rotation using the EXIF metadata from the camera.

The new update will also enhance security by requiring you to verify any changes to your site’s admin email. This is the email where you receive notifications and verification will mean you won’t miss any valuable information.

There are also updates to the Site Health Tool planned. Suggestions for improvements to the site and security issues will be explained in plain language, making it easier to address.

Anytime there is a major WordPress update, such as WP 5.3, we recommend that you have your site updated. If you need to schedule your update to WP 5.3, please give us a call. We will ensure that WordPress, your theme, and your plugins stay secure with the newest releases.

Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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