Why Reviewing Your Insights Is Vital For Online Growth

You probably always hear people talk about setting business goals, but why? Do you find that you struggle to make business goals, If you don’t and you have them, do you struggle to meet them? Staying on track to meet your goals as you grow online can be one of the hardest challenges in business. Yet, few people know how to effectively do it. Reviewing your insights is vital for growth because it shows you where you are, and what you need to do to hit your goals. ⭐️ It’s the PERFECT first step!

Let’s quickly run through the why you should do and and the benefits!

Why You Should Do It

Taking time to review your insights simply means to take time to analyze company performance data to determine your productivity. Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be! It’s actually pretty easy with programs like Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics (depending on what your goal is) just to name a few.  There are also really great third party reporting tools to use as well. Here’s a blog from Hubspot on their take on The 8 Best Social Media Analytics Tools for 2021.

By reviewing your insights and analytics, essentially, you can see how well you’re doing by looking at the good and bad of each process. This is important because it allows you to see exactly where your strategy needs improvement, and where they’re doing well. For example if one month you decided to up your social media game and add more call to actions in your posts, you could see if that worked and build that into your social media strategy. You can watch countless videos or taken in all the advice you come across, but until you dive into what YOUR business is doing, you’ll never truly know what works for you specifically.

What’s really important here is knowing what to analyze within your insights and what to do with that data. Just remember, doing so is vital to growth as it comes with several benefits.

Benefits Of Reviewing Analytics

For analytics to be truly beneficial, you must identify what data will be beneficial to your company, and not waste your time on data that won’t. For instance, many companies get caught up in how many new Instagram followers they have. Although this is important, it shouldn’t be the main focus. What you SHOULD focus on is how your current audience is interacting with your content. Is anyone clicking your links, saving your posts, sending your posts to others? Are you booking new clients through your efforts?

Knowing what to concentrate on is SO important. The second step should be to take time to reflect on what data is truly needed to improve your business and make adjustments from there!

Here are some questions you can ask to help identify relevant data.

  • What factors are crucial for your business to grow?
  • What do you WANT to see happen? What drives you?
  • Do those factors take advantage of the current data?
  • Are you applying what you learn to improve your strategy?
  • Does your current data  have any major weaknesses?
  • Do you know how you compare to your competitors?

These questions may be difficult, but being HONEST with yourself and your business will only ensure growth in the end. 

Let Us Help!

We can help you figure out what your goals are and it’s a fun process so contact us if we can help with your reporting needs!

Picture of Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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Picture of Natalie Thibault

Natalie Thibault

Owner of Inque Media

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