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Why You Need Organic SEO Work and Advertising

as a growing business

The Internet has had a revolutionary impact on the advertising industry. If you know you know!

This transition has made it possible to advertise via social media and other online sources in addition to traditional forms such as broadcast and print. As such, it has become possible for businesses to advertise their products and services much more easily than ever before. You get served endless ads every day all day long. This has increased sales across the board, as well as a greater awareness of what companies are available to purchase from.

While traditional forms of advertising still play an important role, businesses need to have a strong online presence through websites, blogs, and social media accounts in building brand recognition and increase sales.

In this blog, we’ll get into why businesses need BOTH types of advertising to create a strategy that facilitates everything working together for balance and maximum exposure.

New Age Advertising Helps Brands Make Global Imprints

Want to reach the world? Well, you can and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

With tremendous technological advancement and agile business growth strategies, corporations can reach out to customers in a much more streamlined manner than ever before.

The primary benefit of utilizing the new forms of advertising is that they are cost-effective; companies no longer have to spend large amounts of money on traditional advertisements that may not even be seen by many consumers. But with these new-age tools, it has become possible to reach a larger global audience at a much more cost-effective price. This has resulted in more efficiently and effectively reaching out to clients and promoting products and services as well. With this, brands can expand their reach beyond geographic limitations, allowing them to cater specifically to consumers who are interested in what they have to offer.

Taking your business to the next level is a constant battle. Especially when organic customer acquisitions become harder and more expensive. This, however, does not mean that one should rely entirely on paid acquisition or any acquisition for that matter. Organic SEO is an important aspect of any successful business, especially if you want to achieve long-term growth with your company.

What is SEO and Why is it so Important to a Business

Organic + paid = <3. Well, maybe not love, but something similar!

It’s common knowledge that business growth requires adequate resources to achieve it. Whether it’s simply increasing sales through a new promotional campaign or launching a brand-new product, businesses will have to invest time and money into advertisements. A big part of any marketer’s job is to increase the popularity of their company by using advertisements. Done right, this can increase sales and thus a higher profit margin. SEO basics like link building, keyword research, and creating content are the only way to grow organically and ensure the highest conversion rates. (Conversion rate: the proportion of people viewing an advertisement and going on to buy the product, click the call-to-action, etc.)

If you are a business owner and you haven’t heard of SEO, then you should know that it is one of the best things that can happen to your company. Search engine optimization aka SEO is a way to get your website found by potential customers online in places like Google search results, Google maps, and more.

SEO is good for business because it increases traffic to your website and helps generate leads for your business. It also lets people find your business when they search for products and services similar to yours. If you want to grow your business and attract more customers, you need to be where they are. The best way to do that is with SEO.

Wondering how does SEO work for a business? Here’s how: You write content on your website that addresses the questions or concerns of your potential customers. Then, you submit this content to search engines like Google and Bing so that they will rank it highly in their search results when someone searches for information about what you offer on your website.

For example, if you run an eCommerce store selling motorcycle accessories and parts, then each piece of content on your site should address a question or concern that your fellow customers might have as they shop online for those requirements (e.g., “Which brand of tires last the longest or which touring seats are best for long rides?” or someone searches for ‘flooring near me’…SEO work is what helps you show in their search results locally.).

Understanding Organic SEO for Business Growth and its Benefits

Organic SEO is the process of making sure that the right keywords are used in your content and on your website so that the search engines can find it easily when someone searches for those words or phrases.

It’s the process of optimizing your content so that it shows up as high as possible in search results. The idea is to get your pages to rank higher than your competitors’ pages in Google searches so that more people will find your site and click on it.

Here are some of the benefits of organic SEO:

  • Increased traffic to your site.
  • Improved rankings and increased visibility in search engines
  • More leads and sales for your business
  • Your website will look more professional with a well-optimized page design and layout.
  • It’s a long-term strategy. As long as you’re providing value to your target audience, people will continue to visit your site and share it on social media.
  • It’s a sustainable source of traffic that won’t dry up over time like paid ads do when their budget runs out or they stop paying for them.
How Organic SEO Helps Small Businesses Implement Growth Strategies

The internet is a big place. With so much content being created every day, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Particularly for small businesses or businesses that are just starting out, SEO may turn out to be a magic bullet.

In today’s marketplace, businesses are under pressure to make fierce advertising strategies to create awareness of the company, drive sales and increase market share. The tools available to businesses have changed dramatically over the years, and one of the most popular methods for driving traffic and generating leads is SEO. SEO can help you gear your website and its content to your target audience so that it serves a dedicated purpose and helps your business reach its goals.

Organic SEO is a long-term strategy that will help build your brand and increase customer loyalty over time. Organic SEO is a cost-effective way to get your website in front of customers without having to spend a dime on ads. It is the most cost-effective way to build your business. It’s free, and it can bring in a huge amount of traffic.

Organic SEO vs Paid Advertisement, Which Should You Opt For?

Organic SEO refers to the process of building up the visibility of your site in Google search results through the use of certain keywords and other factors. Paid advertising refers to placing ads on Google, Facebook, or other sites that people visit when they’re searching for something related to your product or service.

If you are a growing business, it is important to consider the value of organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising working together. Both can be important in driving traffic to your website and increasing lead generation.

However, not all businesses are created equal. Some businesses need more help with paid advertising than others while some need more help with SEO than others. Even though both are important, each one of them should be customized to fit your business needs.

Advertising is more expensive than organic SEO because it takes more work to get results with advertising than it does with organic SEO. If you want an ad to appear at the top of Google search results for a particular keyword phrase and five companies are competing for those clicks, then only one company will win each time someone clicks on their ad. If 10 companies are competing for those clicks then two companies will win each time someone clicks on their ad, and so forth.

Organic SEO Work and Advertising as a Marketing Tool

If you want to grow your business and attract more customers, you need to be where they are. The best way to do that is with SEO. However, organic SEO and paid advertising go hand in hand. Both SEO experts and Google SEO have to do their best to get your page on page one of search results, but if you want higher ROI and more real traffic, then hiring a marketing professional is key.

It is of utmost importance that you understand that when you choose a digital marketing agency for your online marketing, the success or failure of your online business can greatly vary on their knowledge, experience, and expertise. They must be able to offer you a variety of solutions for effective implementation. But what you need to do is to ensure that the organic approach is an integral part of your long-term online marketing strategy and working with ads to get people to view what you want them to see when you want them to see it.

Let Us Help!

If you need help with organic SEO and advertising, don’t hesitate to call us. Inque Media helps local businesses increase their digital footprint through content and advertising.

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Natalie Thibault

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Picture of Natalie Thibault

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